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If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, disconnected from yourself, burnt-out or exhausted - this is for you. This is your guided way back into relaxation and rest and digest.

You do of course not need to feel any of the things above, maybe you are just looking for a quite space to allow your body to just be, and to explore your senses and relaxed state.

The workshop will consist of 

Ceremonial cacao ceremony meditation 

Restorative yoga 

Yoga Nidra

A slice of raw vegan cake

After the class there will be served a delicious raw and healthy vegan cake, and you will have the opportunity to buy cakes and treats to bring home. Bring cozy and warming clothing, and the wish to dive into your body and soul for 2,5 wonderful hours.

Restorative yoga, yoga nidra & ceremonial cacao further explained

Restorative yoga is a gentle and slow practice where we use props to support us in longer holds. We use bolster, blocks and blankets to come into the positions, and stay here for a longer amount of time: a  pose is held in between 5 - 15. In restorative yoga our mind is allowed to finally find stillness, and our bodies to restore itself entirely because we do not have to hold ourselves up. It is a practice of complete surrender.

Yoga nidra - or yogic sleep as it is also known by is a deeply relaxing and powerful guided meditation done in savasana. It is a systematic meditation that starts out with a detailed guided body scan, before we move into a deep and dreamy vizualisation. You are also encouraged to set a sankalpa - an intention, for the practice. In yoga nidra we work with the 5 koshas/sheats of self - and it is a journey into our subconscious. Yoga nidra is very powerful, and at the same time very rejuvenating - you will come out of yoga nidra feeling alive and connected to your center. This nidra also invites you into you inner sanctuary of rest.

Ceremonial cacao is a plant medicine used to open our hearts and to support our feel-good hormones such a dopamine and serotonin. The cacao is also full of nutrients and mineral: potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc, and magnesium which contribute to cardiovascular health. It helps us de-stress and feel good in our bodies. Traditionally it is an ancient ritual used by Mayans and Aztecs. Cacao in greek is Theobroma - meaning food of the Gods, and the word Cacao comes from the Maya word Ka’kau.’. We drink the cacao slowly, focusing on our heart center as we ground into ourselves for the practice. 

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