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Welcome to a 3 hours workshop where you learn to balance your energies & reconnect to your energy center. Together with Christine Albertsen I am honored to invite you to this spring event at Leela. 

Spring has truly arrived, and summer is around the corner! 

The energy is shifting, nature is blooming and the sun is warming our faces. It’s as if we all are waking up again from a deep sleep! We might start to feel more energized, more social and eager to do more. We can benefit from boosting this yang energy and at the same time make sure we nourish our yin-energy, which is the still and more introspective energy. This is why this workshop was born.

We want to help you to connect with your energy centers and learn how to balance it, so that you can use your energy in a more sustainable way. 

We invite you to boost your active yang energy, with lots of fire, focusing on our sacral chakra. We also want you to feel the importance of winding down into yin & restorative, the more cooling energies. But last and most important: We want you to feel in your own body how it feels to work with both of the energies, so you can start doing this in your own practice. 

This workshop includes

A fun and vigorous Mandala flow, Pranayama practices 

Yin & restorative poses, topped of with adjustments, soft touches and supporting essential oils. 

In this workshop you will experience the luxury of having to teachers with you; that means an enriched workshop with even more guidance, support, adjustments & more aid to move into the yummy relaxation poses.

More about Christine 

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