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Even though it is a cliché, yoga to me is about coming home to myself.

To find my way back into my body, gather my energy and knowledge my breath.

It is a tool to come back home to a calm and centered place where I can just be, and get in touch with what is going on inside. I embrace different lineages and traditions in my teachings: from YogaSomatics to YogAstrology to the mystical ways of ritual and ceremony, as well as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

In a busy world, it is often hard for us to become still, to become so still that we can hear ourselves clearly. Because our society is so very yang - that meaning active (and in many cases too active), my approach to yoga is yin-like, that meaning soft, soothing and relaxing.

We still use our bodies actively, often we need to move to become still, but I do not teach a sweaty-flow-vinyasa, rather a calming and strengthening flow with emphasis on the meditation and relaxation of yoga. 

My wish is to be able to help you come home to yourself, to give you time and space to just be, and take a break from all the doing and fixing, and rather focus your attention inwards into your body, mind and soul. Our bodies know a lot more than we might know, and my yoga classes are meant to be a tool for you to connect to what your body is telling you. 

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2022-2023: yogaSOMATICS YTT 250 hrs (ongoing)

2022: MYSTICA Advanced YTT with Tonje Næss & Kate Murphy 100 hrs

2022: Yin Yoga with Bodsphere 60 hrs

2022: yogaSOMATICS Chakras & Energy Streams 20 hrs

2021: yogaSOMATICS Foundation Training with Ateeka 80 hrs

2021: yogaSOMATICS Restorative Teacher training with Ateeka 20 hrs

2021: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra training with Atman Yoga School 25 hrs

2021: YogAstrology Initiation training with Tonje Næss 12 hrs

2017: 200 RYT Raja yoga with Swamiji Kapri in Pushkar Meditation Temple, India

2015: 200 RYT Ashtanga and Progressive yoga with European School of Yoga, in Seville, Spain


that have inspired me and my practice
Heal yourself with Bee Bosnak

The Majesty of Being with Meghan Currie

Dreams and Meditation with Ateeka and Ola Borud

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